Han Coaching Life & Business

Hanh Xuan Han

Certified Systemic Coach

As a native Vietnamese, I came to Germany at the age of eight and I was raised in Berlin in between two cultures. Being fluent in five languages, I feel equally at home in Europe and Asia and live the frequent change of perspective. Similar to a civil engineer who builds bridges, I combine impulses from both of these cultures into my coaching.

I know well, what it means to be confronted with changes in life, facing new challenges or having to let go of familiar things from personal experience. Having gone through turning points in my life and having learned about the importance of being aware of ones own values, I realised how essential it is to associate any change with the complete context to be able to grow from it. The systemic perspective – viewing the big picture – therefore shapes both my private and my professional life. My extensive times abroad in China, during and after my studies, further influenced me. During these stays, I gained valuable experiences and got inspired by different values and worldviews. In addition, I continuously find myself in a challenging and dynamic professional environment.

Through working for an international organisation, I am familiar with the significant requirements of our globalised world from my personal management experiences. In my role as manager, I experience how the diverse expectations, requirements and responsibilities continuously ‘rain down’ on us on a daily basis. The skill to be successful in the long run, is to build a bridge between the different cultures, requirements and working methods, yet also between roles, human beings and worldviews.  In that regard my distinct ability to engage with different perspectives, to empathetically tune in to new persons and environments and to cope with great complexity proves helpful. In doing so I do not lose focus. That is because in order to live up to the enormous requirements of a manager and to keep the balance both in the professional and personal environment, clarity of mind is of the essence.

Because I am very much interested in human beings and different cultures, I enjoy travelling in my leisure time. This is where I consistently find impulses and inspirations for new ideas. I love flowers, origami and Swing dancing. Meditation brings me relaxation and ‘earthing’. The hummingbird is an important symbol in my life – it is heart opening, light bringing and a high-performer while continuously spreading easiness.

Professional Background

Beside my studies in Business Administration and Sinology from FU Berlin, I was awarded a scholarship to Tongji University of Shanghai and studied International Trade. Since 2013, I have been working in different positions, currently as Regional Director China, in one of the largest organisations in Germany. My work led me to cities such as Shanghai, Taipei, Frankfurt, Berlin and Beijing, where, as the chairwoman of a national subsidiary, I have last been pursuing the setup of that subsidiary and have been responsible for its business development within the complex Chinese market. I am a member of OAV Young Leaders and alumna of DAAD as well as of e-fellows.

Coaching Qualifications

It has always been my motivation to approach life authentically, with clarity of mind, passion and self-confidence. The question of sustainable internal and external growth has constantly been accompanying me. That is why I finished my degree as a Systemic Coach at the renowned ISCO AG in Berlin next to my work, to support other people on their paths. My coaching is based on systemic, resource- and solution-orientated methods. Steve De Shazer’s and Isoo Kim Berg’s approaches are shaping my work. My education as Professional Facilitator at DB Training and Mai Consulting has completed this holistic approach. I am an Associate Coach in the Deutsche Bundesverband Coaching (DBVC).

Focus Points

Life Coaching

Attain the essentials through clarity and focus

Our life is in constant flow. That is why knowing one’s own standpoint is important, for only who is aware of one’s own values can cope with challenges calmly. In Life Coaching, I accompany you on your own way with clarity, focus and a lot of empathy; no matter if you are in an upheaval phase or if you are just trying to find yourself. We jointly face your current life situation and find potential for a fulfilled future.

Life Coaching is targeted at people who
● Are searching for personal orientation
● Like to achieve clarity regarding one’s own needs, wishes and intentions

Business Coaching

Find a standpoint in the complex professional life that suits you

Our professional life is continuously changing and we are confronted with complexity on a daily basis. To meet the requirements of today’s world of work with its workload, deadlines, disruptions, rush, trouble and other challenges, it is important to know one’s own standpoint. In Business Coaching I combine the interdisciplinary approach with a holistic view on your situation. In doing so, you as manager and person are the focus. By means of well-founded and effective methods, we will jointly develop sustainable initiatives for your professional goals for you to be more motivated and content.

Business Coaching is targeted at people who
● Want a professional change
● Want to sharpen their role as manager
● Want to find and realise their own professional vision
● Aim for a sound Work-Life-Balance


Clear. Focussed. Courageous

I am convinced that we all have the ability to live a fulfilled life. The potentials for this are already within us.  In order to use them actively, all we need to do is become aware of them. I am your vis-á-vis to find out what is inside you and how you can take hold of a self-determined future. Together, we analyse your thinking- and behavioural-patterns, to find solutions that fit you. And: You learn tools that facilitate your self-development. My work is guided by clarity and focus paired with a sense for nuances and a high level of empathy, as well as by a differentiated view and a very individual style: This way we jointly recognise patterns and develop your own authentic solution approaches.


“Being able to listen and then to understand is a gift. Many only listen to be able to respond. Hanh listens, understands and draws the right conclusions. Her honest care opens hearts and makes speaking about our own trouble spots we usually steer around easy as well as pursuing our impulses.”

Why Han Coaching?

“I shed light onto the dark. With me you will see clearer.”

Sharpen your view with me. I am your company in the change process. My coaching is based on successful methods, with which you can strengthen your resources and develop your potentials. My coaching is led by clarity, focus and courage. I go to the heart of complex matters in clear words and with a high level of empathy. Thereby I do not shy away from unusual paths. I have confidence in your potentials – so that you will as well. We design the process in accordance with your needs: always together, always eye-to-eye, for only the right questions yield the right answers.


You want to make a career or private change?

I will gladly accompany you on your own personal way. Please leave a message to make an appointment for a first get to know. I am looking forward to our journey together.