My first coaching-session in Beijing

“Getting engaged in coaching shows that you are courageous, because it means that you are facing the questions of your life and that you are ready to discover some truths about yourself that you otherwise tend to avoid in everyday life. Sitting face-to-face for my first coaching session with Hanh in Beijing, I first felt rather unsettled. I did not know what to expect and I had a lot of unsorted and chaotic thoughts in my mind. But there was no need to be concerned, because the moment our conversation started, all my tension lifted off and I became calm and relaxed. Finding words for matters that I have been banning to the furthest corners of my awareness – for the fear of having to answer seemingly unsolvable questions – was a good thing. Due to Hanh’s empathetic nature and her reflective approach, I was able to ‘look at myself in the mirror’ and started realising matters that I did not even know I had repressed for all this time. Today, a year later, all I can say is, that the conversations with Hanh emboldened me to shed light on the darkest corners of my awareness in order to make the dreams of my personal little world come true. For that I thank her from the bottom of my heart!”

The feeling of deep trust

“Hanh accompanied me with her coaching when I took over the executive board of a globally operating nature conservation foundation. The feeling of deep trust set in right at our very first conversation. I experienced her well travelled, open yet low profile nature as very pleasant. In the further course of our sessions, she systematically worked with me on all the matters I was confronted with in this important phase. This has helped me considerably. Hanh has always been well prepared for our sessions and could rely on a large repertoire of means and methods. At the same time, she has been empathetic and always succeeded in facilitating me swiftly finding the core of the problem. The time with her has been very valuable for me.”